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The Gist : They describe McDonald's as organized, disappointed, awful

  • 2123rd visitor ★ Poor 1 out of 5

    McDonald's review on 2018-02-04 08:02:45

    We were very disappointed. We ordered two salads and it took the fellow 10 minutes to make the salad. Never wiped the working table nor did he wear gloves? The Fresh salads should be made first thing in the morning and just add the plastic fork & knife. No need to bag them in a paper bag, it affects your paper cost and extra employee time wasted. The staff is not organized so They need retraining thats for sure. As there was one girl making the hamburgers, wraps, etc. No Gloves and throw the food in the area for the other girl to grab..... Does not look good at all.

    We will not be back there...


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    1. 1991st visitor ★ Poor 1 out of 5 / Mobile review

      McDonald's review on 2017-06-27 20:00:05

      Poor, this McDonald's is absolutely awful, it takes 20 minutes to get our food. They are understaffed, food is always messed up and they never get our food right or they forget something, staff goes on break when there are lines and lines of cars, it needs A LOT of improvement.

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